Classical Ballet

Janet Marshall Dance Studios provide the very best Classical Ballet training in Gloucestershire for all ages, from pre-school and babies to major ballet upwards. 

We follow both the I.S.T.D. and R.A.D. major syllabus.

Pre-school / babies

Here we try to encourage the basic skills of skipping, hopping, jumping and balancing in a fun, yet structured situation.

Our classes are of a reasonable size so that we create the right atmosphere for learning. It is our wish to attract children (and parents) who are ready to learn in a loosely formal situation in preparation for school or formal nursery education. Having said that we want children to explore through music the joy of dance.

Grades – children up to age 12

Our wish is to provide through the  I.S.T.D. Imperial Ballet syllabus a structured, yet imaginative and artistic situation, classes for children who want to enjoy dancing and at the same time progress through an examination system. Although we strongly follow the principles of examinations they are not a pre-requisite for advancement. Providing pupils have learnt sufficient to substantiate advancement to another grade they may do so without the formal examination.

Major Ballet upwards

Here we become more focused about Ballet and students should consider whether they are serious about dance.

We follow both the I.S.T.D. and R.A.D. major syllabus and students should be prepared to attend 3 ballet classes per week and possibly pointe work and body conditioning.


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Classical Ballet




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